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Executive development is a generic term for activities aimed at developing the skills and competencies of those that (will) have executive positions in organisations. While "executive" and "manager" and "leader" are often used interchangeably, "executive" is commonly used to signify the top 5% to 10% of the organization. Similarly, "development" and "training" and "education" are often used as synonyms, however "development" is generally seen as the more encompassing of the three in terms of activities that build skills and competencies.

Joyce acquired her knowledge of Executive Development from her days at Ivey in Canada, then IMD in Switzerland, where she developed award-winning case studies participated as assistant faculty on Custom Corporate Management Programmes.

Eli's hands-on experience as a manager, in both multi-national and SMB contexts, provides a practical complement to the academic teaching.

Global Leadership in the Cloud

CAPRESE is supporting IMD in developing and delivering their new program offering, Being Innovative, which is a new type of distance-learning: “Global Leadership in the Cloud”.

With this approach, you do all of your learning and directly apply the concepts to your daily work, right from your own desk without having to travel and at low cost – a truly leading-edge alternative to traditional management development programs. The program brochure Being Innovative provides further information.

In the role of Program Coach, CAPRESE’s Dr. Joyce Miller, accompanies you over an 8-week Learning Journey where you gain the tools to navigate in a world of increasing change and uncertainty by mastering new approaches for thinking about innovation and crafting better strategy.

Each weekly module:

The program wraps up with a powerful consolidating challenge, which gives you a roadmap for innovation (through a Final Assignment, where you identify and develop an innovative idea, including 60-day Implementation Plan to assure its success!)

Joyce and Bill offer a live webinar under the title "Office Hours", in which they address questions submitted by participants

The 2015 programs launch on April 27 and September 14

As IMD Coach, Joyce would be delighted to discuss how Being Innovative could support you in your personal and professional development objectives and facilitate your application to the program. Just get in contact !

Overview of IMD’s entire Global Leadership in the Cloud current portfolio


With an 8-week Learning Journey focused on…..

Program Start Dates in 2015

Strategic Thinking

Developing the strategic thinking skills to diagnose your internal and external business landscape and formulating effective approaches to address current & future business challenges

May 12, October 5

Being Innovative

Gaining the tools to navigate in a world of increasing change and uncertainty by mastering new approaches to thinking about innovation that will enable you to craft better strategy

April 27, September 14

Leading Strategic Initiatives

Applying pragmatic frameworks to successfully design and steer the implementation of your specific strategic initiative

April 27, October 26

Leveraging Strategic Partnerships

Accessing best-practice approaches and developing a deeper understanding of how to select, form, launch, develop, and manage strategic partnerships and alliances

May 12, September 28

Learning Leadership

Building on understanding your own leadership strengths and weaknesses (leveraging a 360° report) and practicing a
“play-to-win” mindset to breathe new life into your team’s performance

April 27, October 19

Finance Fundamentals
for Executives

Securing a comprehensive view of financial analysis and managerial finance and developing the intuition to make better-informed decisions on key financial problems

May 4, October 12

Pricing Excellence in Tough B2B Markets

Improving your pricing competencies and enabling you to capture the price premium that you deserve through developing indepth insights about your customers, and more

September 7