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hammer and nail

To misquote the addage, if you only have a sledgehammer, the value of the nail (or nut) may be lost.

We use a variety of tools and methodologies in our client mandates.

Developing the tools we need

CAPRESE's consultants develop methods and techniques to accomplish objectives ranging from Good Housekeeping in the area of sustainability to creating a customized Talent and Performance Management Index. We train others to use these and other industry-leading methods and apply such techniques to successfully accomplish our consulting assignements.

Environmental Policy

Our mission is to help our clients develop their activities sustainably, by harmonising economic, environmental and social criteria.

As an actor in the knowledge economy, providing consulting services in sustainable production approaches to global players, it is in our interest to practise what we preach, "walk the talk". Resource efficiency is not just a gimmick; it is a means to reducing negative impact to one's environment and budget. We are based in a region, supplied by 100% hydro-electric power in Switzerland and our Spanish base is powered 100% by solar power. Where possible, we conduct our work from home and our office is within a few steps of our home. We firmly believe in the value of face-to-face interactions with colleagues and clients, and where possible, we prefer to use public transport to that end. We recognise that air travel is occasionally necessary and to this end, we try to optimise our international travel to minimise the number of kilometres (and hence kg of CO2 emissions) when we are obliged to conduct our projessional activities beyond the practical and pragmatic reach of the European railway system.

As environmentally sound alternatives present themselves, we continually refresh the skills of our own consultants through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and advanced external training.

Where requested and appropriate, CAPRESE offers training to clients' internal and external consultants and facilitators to be able to continue the work initiated by our own consultants in any of our areas of expertise.

Performance Management & Evaluation

One concern facing organisations is the perennial problem of cascading strategic goals through the corporate hierarchy to the individual contributor.

With an effective performance management system, and the appropriate coaching of line management, implementation of corporate strategy becomes a "piece of cake".

CAPRESE offers guidance on the implementation of a performance management system and further supports our clients through training, coaching and supervision of the various actors in the process.

In order to support CAPRESE's non-profit work and academic research, we use Online Survey Software from which offers FREE access to its Professional version for students and non-profits.

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