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The LEGO Company has decided to allow the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology to develop along an Open Source model. This will offer the current certified partners the possibility of developing the methodology on the one hand and offering training and accreditation on the other hand. 

PREMAnet's Annual General Assembly will be held in Indonesia or Vietnam this year. Anyone interested in joining this communtity should contact Joyce.

CAPRESE's network

The Capacity Building Resource Exchange (CAPRESE) is a non-profit network of international consultants working on environmental and social programmes in developing countries and countries in transition. CAPRESE helps bridge the gap between the worlds of Executive Development and Environmental Consulting through capacity building techniques. Through CAPRESE Consulting, we can leverage this immense wealth of professional expertise and experience for the benefit of our clients.

CAPRESE network

Technical Experts

CAPRESE's consultants have an immense wealth of knowledge, talent and experience to offer the most demanding clients. In order to scale our organisation to meet the needs of our clients' programmes, we invite professionals who share our values to join CAPRESE, whether as partners, employees or freelance consultants. Some of these individuals bring to the table specific expertise in a particular field in our areas of activity, such as:

Other associates bring more traditional functional skills, such as Finance, Marketing, IT, etc.


PREMAnet's main goal is to foster the protection of the environment as well as the aid for development and co-operation through spreading and practising Profitable Environmental Management (PREMA®) 

LSP Partner Network

Joyce Miller has been involved with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY community for 10 years. Now that LEGO has chosen to allow the community to self-organise, we are working with other ex-certified partners to build a community of practice. The official community forum is SeriousPlayPro.



Accordo is based in Torino and offers Consulting services on corporate social responsibility to major clients across Northern Italy.


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Trivium is a partnership based in Denmark offering Management Consulting services throughout Europe. Trivium believes that in order to create sustainable development and growth you need to learn continuously. To be in an optimal learning mode you need to be playful, to be willing to experiment. They use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method to enable playfulness; liberating the energy to develop new strategies, products, organizations and processes. Many of the Trivium's partners are certified facilitators in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. Per Kristiansen is an LSP Master Trainer and has worked with CAPRESE on a number of occasions.

Rasmussen and Associates

Rasmussen and Associates Logo

Robert Rasmussen was a member of the original team that developed the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology. His consulting firm, Rasmussen and Associates, has offices in the US, Denmark and Japan. Robert Rasmussen & Associates LLC is a business facilitation and consultancy group specializing in using the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method as vehicle for:

  • Strategy Development
  • Organizational Learning and Development
  • Environment and Health Culture
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Team Building
  • ELP Alliance

    Executive Learning Partnership is an international and committed network of experienced executive development professionals.

    ELP designs, organises and delivers customised ‘action learning’ programmes, aimed at the development of your organisation’s strategy and leadership.

    Members of our network in Switzerland


    Optimis provides personalised services to help clients optimise their Human Capital. CAPRESE and Optimis have collaborated on various mandates with international organisations.

    Swiss Knowledge Management Forum (SKMF)

    We participate regulary at SKMF events and have delivered one event with a group of more than 30 participants building a common vision of a learning organisation.