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What's the latest in the world of Resource Efficiency?

Use the hashtag #ResourceEfficiency_Indonesia on Twitter to get the latest updates on Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production in Indonesia.

IMD's Global Leadership in the Cloud online programmes have started this month.

We are currently in discussion about potential opportunities in Rwanda, Ghana, China, Indonesia and Vietnam, as well as projects with our usual clients in Germany and Switzerland.



22.04.2017 - Joyce travels to Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda as part of her Terminal Evaluation of UNEP's Eco-Innovation Project. From 12-22 March she was in Malaysia and Vietnam, interviewing Government officials, Cleaner Production Center staff, services providers and business owners who have integrated Eco-Innovation approaches

03.04.2017 - Eli attends the Knowledge 4 Development Conference at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. CAPRESE is now a founder member of the K4D partnership.

31.03.2017 - Eli attends the PAGE Ministerial Conference 2017 in Berlin. Applauded for suggesting that the global community simply drops short term financial forecasting and reporting in favour of encouraging long term investment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

21.10.2016 - Just completed our participation at SwitchMedConnect in Barcelona. CAPRESE ran 2 sessions:

03.10.2016 - Joyce travels to Kyoto and the EcoBalance 2016 conference in order to present the findings of her strategic review of the the Life Cycle Initiative.

22.05.2016 - Joyce and Laura travel to Nantes and the SETAC conference in order to interview participants for the strategic review of UNEP's Life Cycle Initiative.

02.05.2016 - Laura Gygax joins CAPRESE

17.04.2016 - The Mauritius phase of the Pan-African francophone Master Exécutif en Fiscalité was launched today at the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA). The first class is expected to finish their studies in July and finalize their thesis by 31 December 2016.

15.09.2015 - In August CAPRESE started a contract with the European Union Switch Programme to facilitate a network of stakeholders in eight countries throughout the mediterranean basin in order to develop a white paper for up-scaling UNIDO's MED Test programme beyond 2017. This is a capacity building programme promoting sustainable manufacturing approaches in small and medium enterprises. Visit the SwitchMed web site for more information about the programme or sign yourself up at the SwitchMed Connect conference in Barcelona 29-30 October 2015.

15.09.2015 - Joyce is currently engaged on a short term mandate from UNIDO to perform a mid-term evaluation of its RECP programme.

15.09.2015 - On 26th August, Eli ran a 2-hour demonstration session of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY at the Centre Interrégional de Perfectionnement in Tramelan in the Jura Bernois.

07.08.2015 - The Pan-African francophone Master Exécutif en Fiscalité was launched today in Sénégal. It was broadcast on the evening news.!

04.06.2015 - Wow! It has been a very full six months!

24-28.05.2015 - Delivery of PREMA training in Algiers with 12 consultants and three companies

11-15.05.2015 - Preparation of PREMA programme in Algeria, including workshops, presentations, interviews and meetings with GIZ IDEE programme and the Ministry of Industry and Mines

04-08.05.2015 - Facilitation of Strategy workshop with African parliamentarians to establish a pan-African parliamentary knowledge exchange network on the subject of legislative oversight in collaboration with GIZ's Good Financial Governance in Africa programme. GIZ has a published a summary of the workshop on its website.

30.04.2015 - Facilitation of annual Business Modelling contribution at EPFL

- CAPRESE Consulting Ltd established in UK.

08-09.04.2015 - Swiss Project Management Congress

23.03.2015 - Business Development trip to Eschborn, Bonn and Köln for the PREMAnet board, meeting with various managers in GIZ and a full one-day workshop with the management team of CEFE International

23.03.2015 - Facilitation of annual workshop at USI

02-06.03.2015 - Facilitation of Planning workshop for a Pan-African francophone Master Exécutif en Fiscalité (French version of the english language Executive Master in Taxation)

09-14.02.2015 - A fourth installment of PREMA training in Kigali Rwanda

26.01.2015 - A presentation in Halle, Germany, of PREMA to a delegation of 20 stakeholders in the Green Economy in Algeria

05.12.2014 - Today sees the close of PREMAnet e.V.'s annual General Assembly 2014. During the elections to the Board, yesterday, Joyce was confirmed in her role as Chair and Eli was elected to the position of Secretary.

Today also marks the end of our activities in Rwanda for this year, which were celebrated last week with the certification of two new PREMA consultants, Bernard Singuranayo and Emmanuel Dusabimana, who were able to participate in yesterday's virtual General Assembly.

We have established a Facebook group for the community of trainee and certified PREMA consultants in Rwanda and their institutional programme coordinators and counterparts. Through this platform, it is hoped that they will be able to share experiences and promote their services leveraging the power of their own social networks.

27.10.2014 - The last month has seen the successful completion of several ongoing CAPRESE mandates:
GIZ Rwanda / PREMAnet PREMA training, GIZ HQ / UNIDO Human Capacity Development Intervention, IMD Global Leadership in the Cloud - Being Innovative and a somewhat shorter but very rewarding and PriceWaterhouseCoopers' Marketing Day 2014

05.06.2014 - Happy Birthday RECP Indonesia.

30.04.2014 - On 24th April 2014, Eli and Joyce conducted a workshop at the annual congress of the Swiss Project Management Association, in which participants gained an insight in how to develop convincing and viable business cases for innovative projects. You can view the workshop results and access our feedback survey from our workshop results page.

This week has also seen the start the start of IMD's Global Leadership in the Cloud "Being Innovative" programme (check out its Twitter page) and GIZ's HCDI Phase 2 programme, which introduces an additional 6 NCPS from the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production network RECPnet.

31.03.2014 - As usual, March saw us travel to USI in Lugano for our annual contribution to Prof. Francesco Lurati's Corporate Communications course and then to the EPFL in Lausanne for Prof. Alain Wegmann's Communications Science Systemic Modelling course.

30.01.2014 - On 24th April 2014, Eli will be conducting a workshop at the annual congress of the Swiss Project Management Association, in which participants will gain an insight in how to develop convincing and viable business cases for innovative projects. For more details, click here.

29.01.2014 - Next week, Joyce will be travelling to Bonn to wrap-up the current phase of the PEM-managed, GIZ-sponsored Human Capacity Development Intervention (HCDI) programme in collaboration with UNIDO. In this programme PEM's team has been supporting a group of National Cleaner Production Centres to develop business plans with a view to becoming financial independent of public funding.

Last week, Eli attended a conference organised by rezonance.ch and the Fédération Romande des Entrepreneurs in which the panelists were all prize-winning entrepreneurs.

29.10.2013 - Recent participation in 25th SKMF Round Table on the impact of Knowledge Management tools on Knowledge Sharing, a brainstorming session on the Economy for the Common Good initiative and a meeting of the Swiss Project Management Society exploring the specificities of transition projects in the context of IT outsourcing.

15.08.2013 - Agreed terms of a mandate to support National Cleaner Production Centres in 3 countries to help them develop Business Plans, with a view to becoming economically viable and independent of public funding. The project starts now and runs until February 2013.

29.05.2013 - Another two days at IMD. This time on the subject of Sustainability. Nice Future is an association that has been organising events to promote the ideals of Sustainability in Suisse Romande for nearly 10 years. Their flagship event is the Festival de la Terre. Three years ago, they established the G-21 Swisstainability Forum to provide a forum for the various actors in the Sustainability domain to come together, share experiences and build support for each other.

27.05.2013 - Finally got to meet Alexander Osterwalder at IMD's afternoon conference for small and medium businesses, where Alex introduced the Business Model Canvas. He led an interactive session, in which participants explored novel business models for Laurastar, using a design-thinking approach.

16.05.2013 - Interesting debate at the conference organised by Rezonance, the local professional networking site, on the opportunity of young job seekers to develop their soft skills through voluntary work. For the Swiss businesses, this seemed quite a controversial idea as it combines two taboos: soft skills are typically undervalued compared with technical skills; voluntary work is considered negatively rather than positively. The event was held at the Centre Patronal.

09.04.2013 - Annual participation in the LSP community of practice meeting in conjuction with the LEGO Idea Conference in Billund, Denmark.

27.03.2013 - Ran a great session this afternoon at the EPFL in the Business Planning for IT Services course. Among the guests, Prof. Yves Pigneur stopped by, which was a pleasant surprise. We also had Loly Moon presenting her Lollypop vegan-restaurant-in-a-truck concept and Isabella Ricaboni from tradeyourmind.com


- After 18 months in Indonesia and a further 3 months relocation process, we are finally back in Switzerland and open for business!

- On 21st March we participated in the SKMF Round Table which was exploring the intersection of Knowledge Management and Project Management. The facilitator was Régis Comazzi

- On 12th March we ran our annual session at USI

- ... and on 27th March we will be back at EPFL to run our tangible business modelling session


10.12.2012 - Signed contract with Association of South East Asian Nations Centre for Energy to edit a report on Energy collaboration initiatives

15.11.2012 - Joyce has completed her project for the international conference on sustainable industrial areas

24.10.2012 - Next week Joyce will be meeting up with her PREMAnet colleagues in Bangkok for their annual general assembly

15.10.2012 - Last week was rather hectic. Joyce was running the international conference on sustainable industrial areas in Jakarta followed by a two-day meeting of the GIZ working group on sustainable industrial areas. In addition to Indonesia, participants and speakers at the conference came from Asia (China, India, Korea, Singapore, Thailand), Africa (Tunisia) and also Europe, thanks to the participation of Guillaume Massard of SOFIES, a Geneva-based consulting firm, specialising in industrial symbiosis.

The previous week, Joyce was in Switzerland, contributing to a leadership programme at IMD

We are also working now with Management Center Europe supporting them on the Organisational Development side

31.07.2012 - Contract signed to support the Indonesian Ministry of Industry's national conference on industrial areas and an international conference on Eco-Industrial Areas

12.06.2012 - The last 2 days saw CAPRESE representing PAKLIM at the Indonesian National Energy Efficiency Conference, co-organised by the Ministry of Energy and DANIDA/EINCOPS

07.06.2012 - Phew! Last chapter of the Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Report submitted to GIZ

11.04.2012 - Contract agreed with GIZ PAKLIM to edit a scientific report on climate change vulnerability and adaptation assessments funded by AUSAID and managed by GIZ.

- Next week, Eli will be in Billund for the annual LEGO IDEA conference and meeting colleagues from the LSP community

30.03.2012 - Eli just popped back to Switzerland to run two sessions back to back in Lugano and Lausanne. On Tuesday, it was the annual session athe Università della Svizzera Italiana on image and identity in Prof Franceso Lurati's Master in Communications. Then, on Wednesday, he returned to the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) to deliver a session on tangible business modelling. He was very honoured to have Prof. Yves Pigneur as an observer/participant, as some of the content was influenced by Prof Pigneur's Business Model Canvas. Read about the session on Yves' blog at the Université de Lausanne web site.

01.03.2012 - RAN-GRK guidelines submitted from Manly, Australia

15.02.2012 - Eli has just been asked to edit a set of guidelines on Indonesia's National Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Action Plan, the RAN-GRK

21.01.2012 - Joyce's birthday. Eli spent the last couple of days in Surabaya contributing a module on Stakeholder Management for DANIDA's Energy Management Week

25.11.2011 - Did a small editing job for PAKLIM yesterday on a very tight schedule

22.11.2011 - Yesterday's workshop was extremely successful and a lot of fun. Delegates were even implementing their action plans while they were still in the meeting room

04.11.2011 - ToR agreed to design and deliver a stakeholde consultation workshop on energy efficiency policy in Indonesia in collaboration with DANIDA EINCOPS and the Ministry of Energy

02.07.2011 - Joyce's first day in Jakarta

30.06.2011 - Ran a very demanding training session for the Swiss Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI) on Stakeholder Management for Project Managers

16.06.2011 - Met with the leadership team of GFA Envest and GFA Consulting Group in Hamburg, followed by meetings with GIZ in Eschborn.

13.05.2011 - CAPRESE has signed a contract with GFA Envest AG from Hamburg to manage the Industry Component of the bilateral German/Indonesian governmental programme on Climate Change - Policy Advice for Environment and Climate Change (PAKLIM). This mandate will start off for Joyce as part time Europe-based information gathering, before developing to a full time position as programme manager in Jakarta, leading a team of permanent GIZ staff and a team of Short Term Experts to be deployed by GFA.

30.03.2011 - Had a great day with our first Stakeholder Management Workshop - thanks to all the participants and especially to Séverine and Anja who helped to make it happen

10.02.2011 - Venue fixed for our Stakeholder Management Workshop

13.05.2010 - CAPRESE Interactive Web site now up.

10.05.2010 - On 5th May 2010, CAPRESE met with Accordo, our transalpine friends in Torino and agreed to collaborate in the area of sustainablity and stakeholder mapping

03.05.2010 - CAPRESE will soon be offering packaged services, such as team-building events and off-the-shelf training.

15.03.2010 - CAPRESE facilitates 12th SKMF roundtable in Lausanne, powered by LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™
At the invitation of the Swiss Knowledge Management Forum (SKMF), CAPRESE orchestrated a workshop, The art and science of building knowledge with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ where 40 professionals sharing an interest in knowledge management, IT, and life in organisations designed the “fundamental principles of a learning organisation”

01.02.2010 - Global Competencies Inventory training at IMD
Joyce and Eli joined a group of IMD faculty and coaches for a training session given by the Kozai Group as a qualifier to use their Global Competencies Inventory (GCI) tool.


News from our Network and Partners

06.05.10 - Beyond Development Cooperation: The PREMAnet ‘Experiment’
In the role of PREMAnet Chair, Joyce participated in a “Fachgespräch” (expert talk) at the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in Eschborn, Germany. As a founding members of PREMAnet, Joyce presented the experience of how this non-profit association has evolved over the past five years into a global network of 120 trainers who engage companies in the GTZ-developed concept of Profitable Environmental Management (PREMA®) with the aim of simultaneously reducing cost and environmental impact while also building the internal capacities to successfully manage change. GTZ has signed a Cooperation Agreement with PREMAnet which gives the association the right to use the PREMA® instruments, the duty to uphold their quality, and the opportunity to develop further applications.

01.05.2010 - The LEGO Company has decided to allow the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology to develop along an Open Source model. This will offer the current certified partners the possibility of developing the methodology on the one hand and offering training and accreditation on the other hand. 

15.03.2010 - PREMAnet's Annual General Assembly will be held in Indonesia or Vietnam this year. Anyone interested in joining this communtity should contact Joyce.

01.02.2010 - Profitable Social and Environmental Management (ProSEM) piloted in Egypt
Over the past year, Joyce collaborated with her PREMAnet colleague Alfons Ims to develop a training/consultancy approach, ProSEM, especially for small- and medium-sized companies to identify improvements in working conditions that can lead to higher profitability, through improved labour productivity and resource efficiency. ProSEM was piloted in Egypt through a collaboration with GTZ’s Vocational Education, Training and Employment Programme, Mubarak-Kohl Initiative (MKI-vetEP) and the Aga Khan Foundation. Building on PREMA®’s key methodological elements (experiential learning, a group approach, using the Non-Product Output concept, and ensuring a “triple win”), ProSEM builds local capacities to operate as “process consultants” who can support companies in developing an organisational learning culture as the basis for effectively implementing change on a sustainable basis.

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