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About PREMAnet


PREMAnet is an association whose main goal is to foster the protection of the environment as well as the aid for development and co-operation through spreading and practising Profitable Environmental Management (PREMA®).

PREMA® is a programme for owners and managerial staff of micro, small or medium-sized companies, both, in producing sectors and in the service sector, as well as for local and international consultants and local institutions. PREMA® aims at practically implementing measures, designed to substantially:

By adequately taking into consideration these three components, cost management, environmental management and organisational learning, a triple win can be achieved

What is the PREMA® programme?

The full PREMA® programme consists of instruments to introduce profitable environmental management in companies. The programme is modular and flexible so that the various tools and techniques can be combined or adjusted to suit the specific requirements of each company. Time requirements range from 2 days to an engagement for up to six months.

PREMA® is structured in interactive trainings conducted by qualified and authorised trainers and consultants, and network meetings of entrepreneurs, which may be maintained beyond the duration of the programme.

PREMAnet – the associations’ structure

The assembly consists of active (either institutional or individual) and passive (either promotional or honourable) members. The members elect the board of the association which consists of the Chair, the vice chairs, a member without specific tasks, a treasurer and a secretary.

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