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CAPRESE supported a Swisscom corporate change programme by developing and delivering an interactive training module around product innovation and business modelling.

Client Context

In the spring of 2008, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, Switzerland’s once government-owned national telecommunications operator, had been facing fierce competition for a number of years from more market-oriented competition, such as Orange Telecommunications, which had been acquired by France Telecom and Sunrise, owned by Tele Danmark.

Swisscom’s new strategy consisted in completely re-engineering itself from a techno-centric to human-centric company developing and delivering solutions to client problems, rather than selling technology-driven products and services.

This required full scale organisational restructuring, corporate culture change programme and a national public relations campaign.

As part of this change, product development was to become a seven-stage customer experience design process.

The Director of Swisscom’s Brand Experience department invited CAPRESE to contribute a training module that would effectively develop participants’ ability to visualise complex business eco-systems and develop innovative and compelling business models for the solutions they were designing.

CAPRESE was selected because it of its position as the leading LEGO SERIOUS PLAY certified partner in Switzerland.

CAPRESE Approach

After initial discussions with Swisscom’s Brand Experience team, CAPRESE developed a one-day prototype workshop oriented towards innovation and the challenge of developing and marketing client-oriented solutions in an increasing complex global market. The workshop consisted of a case study and keynote speech on innovation and a one-day interactive workshop on the changing role of the customer experience designers.

Following the success of the pilot, CAPRESE refined the workshop format to run as a half-day module in a 5-day training programme, the rest of which was to be developed and delivered by Swisscom’s internal training team. CAPRESE’s Business Eco-System module helped participants to consider their future products and services in a wider context in order to develop innovative business models and revenue streams.


After successfully training over 300 product managers in various sites around Switzerland, CAPRESE trained Swisscom’s internal team in the delivery of CAPRESE’s LSP-powered module, thereby allowing the client to continue delivering the programme autonomously to the rest of its target population throughout the country.


For CAPRESE, this was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our ability to respond quickly, adapt iteratively in a continuous improvement process and hand over a process to a client in a structured and mutually beneficial manner.

Swisscom gained access to new tools and approaches and was able to re-engineer itself in a relatively short time frame.

Key words

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®; LSP; innovation; product development; business modelling; eco-system; culture change; skill building; story-telling; collaboration