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Liste de Références de certains de nos engagements où nous avons utilisé LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Roche Pharmaceuticals

Used LEGO SERIOUS PLAY during 1 day of a 5-day Mobilizing Leaders programme run by IMD, the International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland, for Roche Pharmaceuticals’ top 300 project leaders (the programme was offered three times per year for three years) with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of project leaders in early drug discovery.

Your facilitation has created the platform for the desired open dialogue across the organisation. I look forward to continuing the process in the coming months and achieving our goal to ‘mobilize the organisation’

Jonathan Knowles
President, Roche Global Research, Basel
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In the spring of 2008, Swisscom asked CAPRESE to develop part of a 4-day programme to re-invent the company's Customer Experience Design process. This module used LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to help designers construct valid business cases for the prototypes in development, by exploring the business eco-system surrounding the prototypes.

CAPRESE refined the module incrementally, based on observations and feedback of each session.

In January 2009, CAPRESE organised a full facilitation training session for Swisscom's internal trainers, thereby allowing Swisscom to facilitate the business eco-system module autonomously.


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Used LEGO SERIOUS PLAY as part of a 2-day workshop to help the heads of European R&D facilities explore possibilities for improving the management of their product development projects.



United Nations Development Programme

Used LEGO SERIOUS PLAY as part of a 3-day strategy retreat to help the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Geneva Liaison Office develop a coherent strategy and work plan for 2010.

This was the first time we explicitly blended LSP and World Café.


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Aerolia / Airbus / LEGO

In December 2008, at the request of and in collaboration with LEGO management, we facilitated two workshops at Airbus' Méaulte factory. The first one-day workshop was designed to help the A380 nose cone development team explore their programme management difficulties. The following day, we worked with the Executive Committee of the future separate EADS subsidiary, Aerolia, which was officially established a month later.


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Università della Svizzera Italiana

We use LEGO SERIOUS PLAY as an example of a projective method in an annual one-day session we run within the Masters in Communications programme.


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Used LEGO SERIOUS PLAY as part of a 5-day programme to help a Sales Team improve the internal working processes and communications.




Used the SERIOUS PLAY methodology to enable the CEO to introduce a new organisational structure to the senior management team in this Vevey-based consultancy firm, which helps large organisations in the management of complex IT systems. By modelling and discussing the new roles and competencies, the proposed structure was modified and refined with the input of the senior management team, who enthusiastically cascaded the new structure and communication processes throughout the organisation.

Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne (EHL)

Ran a 1-day bilingual retreat (English-French) for EHL’s Strategic Management Committee, which started with an analysis of team behaviour and patterns, focussing team members on appreciating the contribution and value of each individual; the team then built up a collective identity and constructed an entire landscape around the School, through which they were able to identify the opportunities, challenges, and obstacles on their path towards accreditation. The session was used as a launch pad for organisational change.

Bien que très sceptique au départ sur le but de l'exercice, je dois dire que très rapidement je me suis prise au jeu. J'ai admiré la facilité avec laquelle vous êtes arrivés à faire intervenir tout le monde. Généralement timide, j'interviens assez peu dans un grand groupe, ä moins que le sujet ne m'interpelle et provoque une réaction immédiate presque épidermique.

Arlette Walther
EHL Faculty Member


Included a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY session as part of a larger programme aimed at helping a 12-member Marketing & Communications team understand the varying impacts of individual behaviour on the team and identify communication strengths and weaknesses, with the focus on building appreciation of the characteristics and helpful differences of others on the team, in order to create more effective relationships.

Taylor Woodrow

Used LEGO SERIOUS PLAY during 1 day of an Executive Development module, “Strategically Managing the Business” run by Cranfield University School of Management to provide a framework for Taylor Woodrow’s senior leaders to build a strategy to become the leading developer of living and working environments in the UK -- based on the corporate values of imagination, craftsmanship, precision, expertise, teamwork, and responsiveness.

Texas Instruments

Used LEGO SERIOUS PLAY during 1 day of a 3- day module designed for Texas Instruments on “Executing in Complex Environments” run by the HEC School of Management (Paris) to help participants develop a systemic understanding of their organisation, explore how the different actors impact its responses to internal and external events, and identify system structures that facilitate and/or hamper individuals and teams in executing strategy.