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Eli De Friend


Executive Summary

A visionary leader of change with over 20 years of experience in consulting
  • business process
  • information systems
  • organisational development and
  • change management

  • Designs and delivers management consulting engagements using various frameworks, methodologies and techniques including
  • World Café
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Future Mapping
  • CapacityWorks.

  • Uses strong interpersonal skills and coaching to motivate colleagues, analytical and communications skills to propose strategic, innovative solutions for complex problems.

    Facilitates improvement in quality and effectiveness through the introduction of proven project management, change management and quality management methodologies, such as the Project Management Institute PMBOK and ISO 9000 standards.


  • Consulting on strategy, leadership, general management, project management, stakeholder management, knowledge management and innovation

  • Design, development and delivery of programmes to facilitate organisational development and achieve organisational change

  • Writing, editing and translation of management and technical documentation


    Professional Experience

    Capacity Building Resource Exchange - CAPRESE            2003-present
    Aubonne, Switzerland

    International Development Cooperation

    Ø  From September 2011 to January 2013, Eli supported climate change and energy management programmes of GIZ, DANIDA, ASEAN Centre for Energy and TÜV Rheinland, occasionally in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Energy. He designed and delivered a Stakeholder Consultation Workshop on Energy Efficiency, conducted team-building activities for GIZ staff and edited a variety of policy and research papers on climate change mitigation and adaptation and participated in several conferences on energy efficiency and energy management.

    Organisational development consultant

    Ø  Design and delivery of professional training and academic education for Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI), Business School Lausanne (BSL), Management Center Europe (MCE), Swiss Knowledge Management Forum (SKMF), GIZ

    o  Since 2009, Eli has been invited by USI in Lugano to deliver a one-day contribution to the Masters in Corporate Communications programme.

    o  Since 2010 has been supported Prof. Alain Wegmann at the EPFL, delivering interactive learning sessions to students, faculty and external participants on the subjects of stakeholder management and tangible business modelling. In 2011 he explored possibilities for corporate support for a collaborative research led by the LAMS.

    o  In January 2012, Eli delivered to GIZ staff a one-day training course on Project Management that he had co-developed during his years with Itecor.

    o  In 2011, Eli developed a method for effective stakeholder management, based on best practice ideas from the Project Management Institute (PMI), the Environment Council and CapacityWorks. He then designed a capacity-building programme to develop participants’ awareness and skills in Stakeholder Management and Stakeholder Engagement.

    He adapted the design into a 1-day commercial offering for Project Managers (first delivered in March 2011), a lecture for engineering and architecture students and a training session for the PMI Switzerland Chapter, which has recognized the programme as credits counting to maintaining the Project Management Professional (PMP) accreditation. Discussions have started with the WWF Headquarters to adapt the training programme into a half-day session in their One Planet Leaders programme, delivered in association with the International Institute of Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland. His most recent version of this course was delivered in January 2012 when he travelled to East Java to contribute a module on stakeholder management to DANIDA’s Energy Management Week.

    Ø  Programme design and facilitation of workshops for United Nations Development Fund (UNDP), UN Cluster Working Group on Early Recovery (CWGER) , PREMAnet e.v., Swisscom, Honeywell, Aerolia (a subsidiary of EADS), Sustainable Luxury,

    o  In 2009, UNDP contracted CAPRESE to design and deliver a 3-day Strategy Retreat for the Geneva Liaison Office and Bureau for Development Policy. Eli designed and delivered a programme that built a common understanding of the challenges facing UNDP, a common vision for the organisation and a strategy for getting back on track for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. One participant observed that this was the first time that UNDP Geneva had a strategy in its 40 years of existence!

    o  The UN CWGER engaged Eli to develop and deliver a 5-day programme on knowledge management and strategy, analysing lessons learned and developing a road map for a more effective approach to Early Recovery and how to mainstream this strategy throughout the various UN agencies active in the area of Early Recovery and Development in a post-humanitarian context. Eli supported 30 Early Recovery experts in developing the strategy in the first 3 days and then explored opportunities for mainstreaming this strategy with additional delegates from 10 agencies who joined in the programme for the last 2 days.

    o  Eli co-facilitated and documented a Monitoring and Evaluation workshop for The Global Fund for the Fight against AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis.

    o  Eli designed and facilitated a Visioning Workshop for delegates (primarily Directors for Corporate Social Responsibility) from the Luxury Goods Industry helping them to explore how they could develop their CSR and Sustainable Development strategies to the 2030 horizon.

    o  GTZ contracted CAPRESE to develop marketing instruments for the Eco-Industrial Development Toolbox, a suite of tools developed by GTZ over the last 15 years, now managed by GIZ’s Sustainable Industrial Areas Working Group. Eli developed a “Quick User Guide” template which he then applied to produce Quick User Guides on the key tools and methodologies. These Guides enable those unfamiliar with GIZ and its tools, such as programme managers from other development agencies, to understand the exact purpose, applicability and resources required for each one. Eli additionally developed a decision-making tool to assist users in selecting the appropriate tool for their needs.

    o  As part of a corporate-wide change programme moving from a techno-centric to human-centric business model, Swisscom needed a tool to help Customer Experience Designers (former Product Managers) explore the business eco-system of pilot projects. Eli co-designed the process and training programme and delivered training on the tool to approximately 300 Customer Experience Designers. In line with CAPRESE’s philosophy of delivering cascaded capacity building, Eli negotiated with LEGO for CAPRESE to sublicense the use of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (SP) within Swisscom and organised for a team of Swisscom internal trainers to attend a 4-day LSP facilitator training course, after which they were certified to design and deliver LSP-powered workshops autonomously.

    o  Development and delivery of a workshop for the Directors of the European subsidiaries of Honeywell ACS Research & Development to improve their management and programme management processes and skills in order to speed up the product development cycle.

    Communications consultant

    Ø  GTZ contracted Eli to edit a report for the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) that was presented at the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

    Ø  Provided regular translation services for Itecor’s internal and external communications.

    Founder and Partner

    Ø  Strategy, internal processes, knowledge management, and IT

    Ø  Partner relations, new business development

    ITECOR Suisse SA, Vevey, Switzerland            2001-2008

    Senior Consultant, Orange Telecommunications Project Management Office (PMO)

    Ø  Responsible for the development of tools to facilitate the management of the PMO

    Ø  Aligned internal Project Management Handbook to new investment management process

    Senior Consultant, Pictet & Cie Organisation Department

    Ø  Acted as an external Change Management consultant reporting in to the Vice President of the Organisation Department in Geneva’s largest private bank

    Ø  Facilitated organisational and process change for the bank’s overseas subsidiaries in the context of an overhaul of the bank’s IT infrastructure

    Senior Consultant, Nestlé GLOBE and Nestlé Business Services

    Ø   Analysed the existing GLOBE organisational structure, from CIO down, and proposed more effective governance structure and activities to Nestlé’s governance team

    Ø  Defined, implemented, and oversaw management of IT outsourcing strategy and processes

    Ø  Provided guidance in Project Management to software development project managers

    Ø  Assisted Head of Middleware team in managing his budgeting, planning, and reporting processes

    Consulting Manager, Itecor

    Initially, Eli managed Itecor’s software engineering and development business with revenue of CHF 2 million, with management responsibilities for 15 software developers. By 2005, the role evolved to that of line manager for 7 IT Governance consultants, concurrent with Eli’s own consulting activities.

    Ø  Appointed Chairman of the Management Committee in June 2002

    Ø  Program Manager of corporate strategy definition project; now implemented with a Balanced Scorecard

    Ø  Definition of a professional skills index and database structure

    Ø  Project Manager of internal strategic initiative to develop & document corporate best practice in project management

    Ø  Team member of internal strategic initiatives to establish a performance appraisal system and a corporate training strategy and concept

    Ø  Participated in business development activities with the Vice-President of Sales & Marketing.

    Compaq Global Services (now HP),                  1998-2001
    Geneva, Switzerland

    Manager, Architecture Program / EMEA Consultants Group                                      1999-2001

    Managed and directed the Architecture Program throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), with an operating budget of approx. $US1 million to promote the delivery of high value-added eBusiness Transformation Services. Managed a group of 5 senior technology consultants, with an annual budget of $US2.5 million.

    Ø  Introduced innovative concepts, processes, and content to a worldwide training event for Solution Architects while remaining within the US$250K budget

    Ø  Doubled number of qualified architecture service delivery consultants in EMEA in 12 months

    Technology Consultant                                                                                                   1998-1999

    Provided project management, technological, and architectural consulting for major clients and internal projects. Managed the project to outsource UNHCR’s office automation to Compaq Global Services.

    Plateart Computers Ltd. / Unityleague Ltd.      1987-1998

    Founded two UK limited companies specialising in contracting within the supporting functions of the IT industry. Apart from his general management responsibilities, Eli handled communications and business-oriented roles, including technical author, translator, trainer and recruitment consultant. Gradually developed into more technical positions in systems management for clients across Europe, including the European Commission, S.W.I.F.T., Phillips, NatWestBank, and SwissPost.


    Ministère de l’Education, Nice, France              1985-1986

    After his studies in French at the University of Southampton, Eli spent one year in the role of “assistant d’anglais” at a Lycée Technique, working with students from “seconde” to “terminale” in preparation for their baccalauréat and  with students in “Maths Supérieures” and “Maths Spéciales” in preparation for their entrance examination to the “École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers” schools.

    Professional Associations

    Project Management Institute

    Eli’s training in project Management is recognised as contributing credits to the maintenance of the Project Management Professional accreditation.

    Société Suisse de Management de Project

    While in Switzerland, Eli regularly attended conferences and debates organised by the SMP, a neutral professional organisation that collaborates equally with PMI and the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

    Swiss Knowledge Management Forum (SKMF)

    Eli has regularly participated in SKMF events and, in 2009, conducted a knowledge roundtable on the subject of Knowledge acquisition and the development of a Learning Organisation. More recently he supported a round table on knowledge management and collaboration for project managers.

    Serious Play Pro

    Under the CAPRESE umbrella, Eli was one of a few active LEGO Certified Partners that answered The LEGO Group’s call to come together to represent the growing community of certified LSP practitioners and members of the general public interested in the methodology. In September 2010, CAPRESE hosted the first meeting of the global community of practitioners that subsequently chose as its name “Serious Play Pro”. Eli organised the logistics developed the programme and conducted the two-day workshop with LSP professionals from 8 countries representing 10 firms.

    As one of the outputs from this first event, Eli set up a Governance Working Group to establish a framework for the community itself and its members, the findings of which he presented and were adopted at the subsequent meeting held in Paris in January 2011. In April 2011, the Serious Play Pro community decided to meet annually in Billund, Denmark, in conjunction with The LEGO Foundation Idea Conference, an event which reunites shareholders, senior management, business partners and thought leaders in the areas of learning and systematic creativity.