International Long-Term Expert based in Kigali, Rwanda
(for 28 months from January 2017)

Profile of International Long-Term Expert (LTE) being sought to collaborate with a National LTE and Short-Term Consultants:

The consortium of GlobalCAD, CAPRESE, and CEFE International are looking for Technical Manager for the BDS of GIZís Eco-Emploi programme. This position encompasses full responsibility for the implementation of all activities related to this component.

Qualifications and Skills

Professional Experience

Reporting to and supported by a Geneva-area based team, this job is based in KIGALI, RWANDA for 28 months, from January 2017. In this role, you would carry the full responsibility for the implementation of all activities related to Business Development Services (BDS), within an existing Eco-Emploi program of the German International Cooperation (GIZ).

In this role and supported by a national long-term expert and a pool of international short-term experts, you are expected to design and implement Business Development Services with measurable employment effects. This involves:


Rwanda is one of the smallest states in Africa, poor in natural resources, and is the continentís most densely-populated country. Its ambitious Vision 2020 Development Strategy seeks to transform the country from a low-income agriculture-based economy to a service-oriented, middle income nation. Ranked 4th in Africa by Transparency International with respect to its fight against corruption, accession to the East African Community has increased the country's economic potential, although it has not yet been possible to take full advantage of the opportunities due to continuing competitiveness challenges, particularly on the part of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).>

Rwanda is a priority country for German bilateral cooperation. Through its technical cooperation Eco-Emploi program, GIZ has been working to foster sustainable employment through skills development, labour market interventions, and private sector development.>

During Eco-Emploiís next phase (January 2017-April 2019), innovative Business Development Services (BDS) are to be established to increase the productivity of the private sector (e.g. in manufacturing, construction, tourism, creative industries), create employment opportunities, and improve the employability of young men and women who are seeking employment or looking for technical and vocational education and training as well as entrepreneurs and their employees. People living with disabilities are also to be addressed in the different working areas.