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LEGO MiniFig Top Hat and Yellow Flag

On 5th May 2010, CAPRESE met with Accordo, our transalpine friends in Torino and agreed to collaborate in the area of sustainablity and stakeholder mapping



10.02.2011 - Venue fixed for our Stakeholder Management Workshop

13.05.2010 - CAPRESE Interactive Web site now up.

03.05.2010 - CAPRESE will soon be offering packaged services, such as team-building events and off-the-shelf training.

15.03.2010 - CAPRESE facilitates 12th SKMF roundtable in Lausanne, powered by LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™
At the invitation of the Swiss Knowledge Management Forum (SKMF), CAPRESE orchestrated a workshop, The art and science of building knowledge with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ where 40 professionals sharing an interest in knowledge management, IT, and life in organisations designed the “fundamental principles of a learning organisation”

01.02.2010 - Global Competencies Inventory training at IMD
Joyce and Eli joined a group of IMD faculty and coaches for a training session given by the Kozai Group as a qualifier to use their Global Competencies Inventory (GCI) tool.


News from our Network and Partners

06.05.10 - Beyond Development Cooperation: The PREMAnet ‘Experiment’
In the role of PREMAnet Chair, Joyce participated in a “Fachgespräch” (expert talk) at the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in Eschborn, Germany. As a founding members of PREMAnet, Joyce presented the experience of how this non-profit association has evolved over the past five years into a global network of 120 trainers who engage companies in the GTZ-developed concept of Profitable Environmental Management (PREMA®) with the aim of simultaneously reducing cost and environmental impact while also building the internal capacities to successfully manage change. GTZ has signed a Cooperation Agreement with PREMAnet which gives the association the right to use the PREMA® instruments, the duty to uphold their quality, and the opportunity to develop further applications.

01.05.2010 - The LEGO Company has decided to allow the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology to develop along an Open Source model. This will offer the current certified partners the possibility of developing the methodology on the one hand and offering training and accreditation on the other hand. 

15.03.2010 - PREMAnet's Annual General Assembly will be held in Indonesia or Vietnam this year. Anyone interested in joining this communtity should contact Joyce.

01.02.2010 - Profitable Social and Environmental Management (ProSEM) piloted in Egypt
Over the past year, Joyce collaborated with her PREMAnet colleague Alfons Ims to develop a training/consultancy approach, ProSEM, especially for small- and medium-sized companies to identify improvements in working conditions that can lead to higher profitability, through improved labour productivity and resource efficiency. ProSEM was piloted in Egypt through a collaboration with GTZ’s Vocational Education, Training and Employment Programme, Mubarak-Kohl Initiative (MKI-vetEP) and the Aga Khan Foundation. Building on PREMA®’s key methodological elements (experiential learning, a group approach, using the Non-Product Output concept, and ensuring a “triple win”), ProSEM builds local capacities to operate as “process consultants” who can support companies in developing an organisational learning culture as the basis for effectively implementing change on a sustainable basis.

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