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Through this workshop, you will:

Building Project Success
Through Effective Stakeholder Management

Friday 1st April 2011

Many thanks to all those who attended our Training Workshop at the UNI Global Union on Tuesday. We all hope you found the day worth your while, irrespective of your incoming knowledge level in the subject. As we mentioned, running such a training in a more homogenous group with a single real project to work on gives more pertinent or relevant results. However, the advantage of participating with others from different industries and levels of experience is that we gain new perspectives outside of our own experience.

I have prepared a selection of the slides (in PDF format) used throughout the day and at the end have included a few slides that we often use to present LEGO Serious Play. Please feel free to download the file. We have also captured the story-telling of the stakeholder maps on video. Beware this is a BIG file (approx 450 MB).

Watch this space for photos and the videos of the descriptions of the stakeholder landscapes.....

Simple Guiding Principles (Left) Simple Guiding Principles (Right)



Next Event

We are intending to organise our next event in Jakarta. Please feel free to contact us if you know of anyone interested in participating.

Why attend this Training Workshop?

Stakeholders can help you:

Or they can block you and turn your work into a nightmare.

Whether you are a project manager or hold a decision-making role in a governance structure, you likely deal with a variety of individuals and groups who are affected by what you do, have an interest in your activities and the ability to influence the outcome -- positively or negatively.
This 1-day workshop covers the fundamentals of Stakeholder Management and introduces a framework that transforms relationships with stakeholders from “win/lose” into a multilateral “win/win” perspective.
Join others from diverse firms and sectors to exchange experience and identify best practices.
Gain a practical approach to identify, map, and analyse stakeholders that will help you better understand their pertinence and impact -- giving you the foundation to manage your stakeholders strategically and ensure the success of your projects and the ability of your organisation to achieve its objectives.


Participation fee: EUR 750