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Your facilitation has created the platform for the desired open dialogue across the organisation. I look forward to continuing the process in the coming months and achieving our goal to ‘mobilize the organisation’

Jonathan Knowles
President, Roche Global Research, Basel

Kadin Indonesia


Thank you so much for the opportunity given to me in the workshop. It was really interesting and the idea using Lego is really out of the box. I figure it out by using LEGO as media can actually give us the idea of mapping the problem and what we have done or have not touched at all. I really hope you can involve me in the future if you have more interesting activity. Have a good day and keep in touch! Hormat Saya / Best Regards,

Zita Primarini, Advisory Services, KADIN Indonesia - Business Support Desk (KADIN BSD) Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Indonesian Ministry of Energy


I personally thanking you for your involvement in the workshop and has made it into a whole new experience for all participants who attended the activity. I got personal inquiry from Ibu Maryam just today to have the approach you presented yesterday to be introduced to DGNREEC social engineering team. >

Triyono Adiputra, Energy Efficiency in Industrial, Commercial and Public Sector(EINCOPS), DANIDA

Danish Embassy

Well, I did enjoy the seminar, thank you! .... I’m sure we would never have heard opinions etc. on various issues from many participants if it wasn’t due to the LSP and possibility to speak in a not too big forum (initially) ... it was getting more and more concrete

Tim Mac Hansen, Counsellor for Trade & Development, Royal Danish Embassy, Jakarta


Bien que très sceptique au départ sur le but de l'exercice, je dois dire que très rapidement je me suis prise au jeu. J'ai admiré la facilité avec laquelle vous êtes arrivés à faire intervenir tout le monde. Généralement timide, j'interviens assez peu dans un grand groupe, ä moins que le sujet ne m'interpelle et provoque une réaction immédiate presque épidermique.

Arlette Walther, EHL Faculty Member