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Adapting tools to needs

hammer and nail

If you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

We use a variety of tools and methodologies in our executive development programmes.

From full scale training for a management team to individual one-on-one executive coaching, CAPRESE consultants work with their clients to tailor a best fit approach.

Developing the tools we need

CAPRESE's consultants develop methods and techniques to accomplish objectives ranging from Good Housekeeping in the area of sustainability to creating a customized Talent and Performance Management Index. We train others to use these and other industry-leading methods and apply such techniques to successfully accomplish our consulting assignements.

How we do it

Programme Design

Whether an organisation already has a dedicated team responsible for Organisational Development or whether this function is the responsibility of one or more other departments, when a major change programme is identified, there are always some ideas about how to implement the change within the organisation.

CAPRESE's consultants take on board the client's initiatives and guidelines and offer their expertise to fill in any gaps.

Our services are all the more effective, when we build the Change programme from scratch, working with the programme team and key stakeholders to address major issues as soon as they are identified.

In such cases, we can take on full responsibility for the implementation of any Organisational Development programme.

Workshop Facilitation

Many of the interventions that CAPRESE consultants are engaged in require maximum impact in a minimum timeframe, typically involving cross-functional teams with participants coming from varying hierarchical levels and varying levels of knowledge and capacity in any given domain. In such a context, the workshop format typically proves most effective.

CAPRESE's consultants are all well-versed in designing, leading and running highly participative and engaging workshops.



To ensure long term sustainable change, monitoring and support are necessary over time. CAPRESE's consultants coach leaders, teams and individual contributors, helping them to live the organisation's change in their every day professional lives.

Our approach seeks to optimise the overall productivity of each individual, by aligning corporate and personal goals.

Although some of CAPRESE's Consultants offer Life Coaching and are qualified practitioners, this activity is out of the scope of CAPRESE Consulting.


Learning, growth and development are essential for organisations in a complex, multi-dimensional context.

We continually refresh the skills of our own consultants through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and advanced external training.

Where requested and appropriate, CAPRESE offers training to internal and external consultants and facilitators to be able to continue the work initiated by our own consultants in any of our areas of expertise.

The current training schedule is on our Training and Events page.

Assessment Tools

Many muti-national organisations use their own internally developed assessment tools. Having worked with most of the major players in Switzerland, our consultants are familiar with the tools used by multi-nationals based here.

For organisations who are searching for market-leading assessment tools, our consultants can offer an extensive range of tools to support a coaching process.

Personality and Preferences

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation - Behaviour (FIRO-B)
  • Management Research Group Personal Directions
  • Kozai group's Global Competence Inventory
  • Team Role

  • Belbin
  • Team Management Systems
  • 360° degree assessment

  • Denison
  • Management Research Group
  • Orchestrating

    Some consulting firms like to put governance first in their list of services offered. We believe that an organisation whose governance processes are showing weaknesses should first look to executive coaching before outsourcing the control of the organisation.

    Nevertheless, in some cases, it makes sense to let professionals oversee the implementation of strategic change, while the corporate leaders play a vital role in communication or concentrate on specific critical success factors, which require their undivided attention.

    In such contexts, CAPRESE will accept the mandate to orchestrate an organisational change, but will offer guarantees only if our consultants lead the development of the programme design.


    "Learning goes much deeper when you've had a hand in it"

    The LSP methodology is based on the knowledge that play is intimately connected with learning. 80% of our brain cells are connected to our hands, which makes the involvement of our hands in the thinking process a powerful tool for playing with ideas, seriously!

    LEGO building materials offer a flexible 3-dimensional building system, a language that anyone can use to express the depth and possibilities of their ideas. This methodology unlocks the potential of individuals and unleashes their creativity, which can be channelled towards supporting the development of creative design skills, as well as for team-building, strategy development, fast-prototyping

    PREMA Training Tools

    Chemical Managment

    The Chemical Management module is specifically designed for enterprises that store, handle, use, produce or dispose of chemicals in their production processes. CM bases on the NPO approach and its improvement measures lead to a triple-win for the enterprise.

    Good Housekeeping

    The analysis of causes is the link between problem and measure

    Good Housekeeping (GHK®) is a five-day training course that includes individual company visits. It facilitates the identification of low-cost and easy-to-implement improvement measures to achieve the triple-win. GHK® trainers motivate and guide participants towards realising sustainable improvement measures in accordance with the cycle of change. Participants analyse causes for identified problems in production and management, and then develop suitable improvement measures. The achieved skills remain in the company and allow continuous improvements after the training is completed. This makes GHK® particularly suitable for SMEs.

    Profitable Social Module

    The pillars of sustainability are economics, ecology, and society

    For managers and decision-makers, implementing ProSEM is a win-win solution. It introduces a framework that links increased profitability with improved working conditions – it builds an understanding of the direct relationship between these two important dynamics within the enterprise. Based on the PREMA principles, ProSEM identifies concrete actions that are profitable yet supportive for improved worker conditions.