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GIZ / DANIDA / Indonesian Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources


CAPRESE used by LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) to design and deliver a multi-stakeholder workshop on energy efficiency policy in Indonesia.

Client Context


GIZ/PAKLIM and DANIDA/EINCOPS are international development cooperation programmes respectively funded by the German and Danish governments, which support the Indonesian government in its efforts to address issues related to climate change, particularly through improving energy efficiency, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A plethora of Indonesian institutions and international donors/agencies are active in promoting mitigation and adaptation efforts related to climate change and pursuing a more “green” economy. Typically, each organisation seeks recognition for its own work and is less-oriented towards recognising the contribution of others. It was hoped that a stakeholder workshop, convened under the leadership of the Indonesian Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, would help to develop a clearer vision of what each of the relevant actors was doing – and with luck, create a dynamic, collaborative community engaged in dialogue that could collectively construct a roadmap for moving forward.

CAPRESE Approach


Based on consultation with the sponsors, the CAPRESE team developed and ran an interactive workshop consisting of:

  • Developing a Collaborative Environment
  • Picturing the future of Indonesian Energy Efficiency
  • Ongoing activities to improve the quality of Energy Management Systems within companies
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Synergies
  • Gaps and Synergies
  • Brainstorming on Next Steps
  • Commitment to Action
  • Results

    Excellent discussions took place about the competing certification programmes for Energy Management. By the end of the day, participants sensed the potential for collaboration and had identified concrete actions with clear responsibilities defined to ensure their execution. Some immediately organised follow-up meetings with each other. Four months later, the Indonesian government changed the law to allow modifications to its fuel subsidy, an idea supported by all participants of the workshop, despite the impact to the Indonesian economy.

    Key words

    Strategy; visioning; stakeholder management; collaboration; action-planning; climate change