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We are very happy to see the recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights in favour of a group of Swiss women who consider that the Swiss authorities are not taking sufficient action to mitigate the effects of climate change. The Court found that the Convention encompasses a right to effective protection by the State authorities from the serious adverse effects of climate change on lives, health, well-being and quality of life.

K4D and KM4DEV

CAPRESE attends the Knowledge 4 Development Conference in Geneva and joins the Global K4D partnership.

SwitchMed Scaling-Up

The Green Paper on Scaling Up of the SwitchMed Demonstration Component, MED TEST II, has been finalised.


MED TEST II is a programme to introduce UNIDO's TEST approach, in the Southern Mediterranean region. TEST is an approach which is delivered by local service providers to encourage the adoption of sustainable manufacturing through resource efficiency.

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Welcome to CAPRESE

Capacity Building (the "CAP" in CAPRESE)

CAPRESE supports individuals and organisations in developing the human and organisational capacities to implement change and implement strategic initiatives that have a major impact through:

  • leadership development, training, executive coaching
  • programme design, workshop facilitation
  • experiential learning methodologies anchored in sustainability
  • tools to support strategy development, planning, implementation
  • team-building, team-coaching



Resource Exchange (the "RESE" in CAPRESE)
In this domain, CAPRESE operates on a not-for-profit basis:

  • putting people together from across our networks, hoping such contact creates mutual benefits
  • sharing experiential learning tools
  • co-creating and collaborating
  • developing associations and networks
  • offering internships and research opportunities


In order to support CAPRESE's non-profit work and academic research, we use Online Survey Software from SoGoSurvey.com which offers FREE access to its Professional version for students and non-profits.

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